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Camellia japonica originates principally from Japan and Taiwan and forms the parentage of more than 90% of the camellias grown in gardens worldwide.

We have classified the varieties we sell as being either 'Hardy' or 'Very Hardy' as follows:

  • 'Hardy' varieties can be successfully grown throughout the southern half of the UK and in those areas further north that have a milder climate, or where shelter can be provided
  • 'Very Hardy' varieties should grow and flower in all but the harshest, most exposed areas of the British Isles

Camellia japonica generally flowers in springtime, mostly between February and April, but some early varieties may start flowering in winter, while late varieties may carry on into May.

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Camellia japonica Ada Pieper camellia japonica Adelina Patti camellia japonica Adolphe Audusson
Large, coral pink, paeony flowers in February to April. Slow growing with a horizontal, rather than vertical, habit forming a compact, rounded bush.
Bright, rosy-pink, single flowers with white edges from March to April.
Large, bright red semi-double flowers March to April. Very reliable, with good glossy leaves. Open, upright growth.
Camellia japonica Akashi-Gata camellia japonica Alba Plena camellia japonica Alba Simplex
Large, deep-pink, semi-double flowers from February to April. Vigorous, bushy growth.
White, formal double flowers that open flat, showing no stamens. Slow growing, with a dense, upright habit. Flowers March to April.
An ever popular historic camellia with simple, medium sized, single white flowers and golden stamens. Leaves are dark, glossy green and it grows to an upright, open bush. Flowers February to March.
camellia japonica Annie Wylam camellia japonica Ave Maria Camellia japonica Berenice Boddy
Mid-pink, paeony or rose-form flowers, shading to white in the centre with many slender petaloids. Average, open, upright growth. Flowers February to April.
Subtle light-pink, formal double flowers. Slow, compact, upright growth forming a neat, rounded bush. Flowers February to March.
Light pink, semi-double flowers with delicate white filaments. Vigorous, erect and spreading. Very hardy. Flowers January to March.
camellia japonica Betty Foy Sanders camellia japonica Black Magic camellia japonica Black Tie
Unusual, flared, trumpet-shaped, semi-double flowers. The petals are white with heavy streaks and splashes of rose-red. Upright, bushy growth. Flowers January to March.
Very dark, glossy, red semi-double flowers with a few, slightly hidden yellow stamens. Unusual, highly serrated foliage on fast-growing, bushy plant. Flowers January to April.
Dark red, average-sized, formal double flowers. Moderately vigorous, dense, bushy growth. Flowers March to April.
Camellia japonica Blaze of Glory camellia japonica Bob Hope camellia japonica Bob's Tinsie
Large, brilliant red anemone/paeony form flowers from January to March. Upright, medium and fairly open growth, eventually forming a big, mounded bush.
Rich red, semi-double or paeony form flowers with gold stamens. Medium, upright and dense growth with dark green leaves. Flowers February to April. Brilliant red, miniature to small, anemone-form flowers with a dense centre of narrow, shiny red petaloids. Medium, compact, upright growth. Flowers February/March.
camellia japonica Bokuhan Camellia japonica Brushfield's Yellow camellia japonica Carter's Sunburst
Miniature anemone form flowers, 5-6cm across with red outer guard petals and a compact white petaloid centre. Vigorous, upright, slender growth with long oval leaves. Flowers January to March.
Medium sized, anemone form flowers, with white petals surrounding a centre of tightly ruffled, pale primrose-yellow petaloids. Moderately vigorous, with a compact, rather columnar growth habit. Flowers March to April.
Pale pink flowers, striped with a deeper pink in March/April.
camellia japonica Charlotte de Rothschild camellia japonica Cheryll Lynn Camellia japonica C.H.Hovey
Pure white, single flowers in February and March. Slow growing, upright and fairly compact.
Light pink formal double flowers with large petals. Flower is about 10cm across and shatters when over. Vigorous, upright and open growth, eventually forming a large dense bush. Flowers March to April.
Dark crimson, formal double flowers and dark green, glossy leaves. Compact upright growth. Flowers March/April.
camellia japonica Commander Mulroy camellia japonica Dahlohnega camellia japonica Desire
Pink buds open to pale-pink, formal double flowers that turn pure white as they age. Upright dense growth with dark green leaves. Flowers February to March.
Also known as 'Golden Anniversary'.
Medium-sized, formal double flowers that can range in colour from creamy white to pale yellow. Upright, compact, slower growth habit with glossy, dark green leaves. Flowers April to May.
Formal double flowers that shade from white to pink, flowering February to March.
camellia japonica Donnan's Dream camellia japonica Dr. Burnside camellia japonica Elizabeth Cooper
White washed and shaded orchid-pink, formal double flowers. Medium, compact, upright growth. Flowers April to May.
Dark red, medium to large, semi-double to paeony flowers with yellow stamens. Medium, upright growth. Flowers February to April.
Medium size, pure white formal double flowers. Upright growth, but with a tendency to spread as the plant ages. Flowers March to May.
camellia japonica Elizabeth Hawkins Camellia japonica Elizabeth Weaver camellia japonica Fire Dance
Small, bright red, anemone form flowers. Compact, upright growth. Flowers February to April.
Large, coral-pink, formal double flowers produced between March and May. Compact, upright growth. Medium-sized, deep red semi-double flowers with narrow petals from February to April.