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Evergreen Azaleas

Evergreen azaleas thrive in the same moist, acidic conditions as camellias, for which they are ideally suited as companion plants, flowering somewhat later than most Camellias from April to early June. Flower colours range from white through pinks and purples to deep reds and orange-reds, with both single and double flowers. There is often a deeper coloured marking (a 'blotch') in the throat of the flower. The dappled semi-shade of a woodland provides ideal growing conditions as strong sunlight can bleach the blooms. Evergreen azaleas will retain most of their leaves over winter in the UK climate, but they usually turn varying shades of red, orange or yellow with the onset of cold weather.
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Azalea Ben Morrison Azalea Blaauw's Pink Azalea Elsie Lee
Very striking orange-pink flowers with a deep scarlet blotch and white margins, flowering in May. An upright habit, reaching 90-100cm in 10 years. Orange/yellow coloured autumn foliage. Small, yellowish-pink coloured hose-in hose flowers in May. Height 60 - 90 cm in 10 years. Long-lasting, lilac, semi-double flowers on a compact and dense growing shrub. Flowers in May. Lovely yellow/orange winter foliage.
Azalea Johanna Azalea Kermesina Rose Azalea Konigstein
Carmine red flowers in May. Dark green, shiny leaves which turn dark red in autumn. Height 60-90 cm in 10 years. Rose pink flowers with a white picotee edge  around mid May. Height 60cm in 10 years, perfect for the smaller garden or to be grown in tubs. Deep purple flowers in May to June on a compact, dense, mound-forming shrub. Foliage turns shades of red, orange and yellow over winter. Height 60cm after 10 years.
Azalea Mary Helen Azalea Mother's Day Azalea Peggy Ann
White flowers with a greenish yellow blotch and brown anthers. Flowers in May. A broad, spreading habit growing to 150 cm high in 10 years. Large, rose-red, hose-in-hose to semi-double flowers. Low, spreading habit. Free flowering in April/May. Pretty, white, hose-in-hose flowers with lavender edges, flowering in June. Foliage turns yellow over winter. A mounding habit, reaching a height of 60cm and a spread of 90cm in 10 years.
Azalea Snow Pearl Azalea Vuyk's Rosy Red
Pure white, frilled double flowers with green speckling inside. Foliage becomes yellowish over winter. A compact habit, reaching 75cm after 10 years. A compact dwarf variety, with large, deep pink / rosy red flowers with a deeper coloured marking in the throat. Good, glossy foliage which takes on a reddish tinge in the autumn. Height 60-80cm in 10 years.