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David Trehane was the first person to grow blueberries in the UK. In 1949, he read an article in the Gardeners Chronicle in which it was reported that a parson from Lulu Island, British Columbia in Canada was offering 100 free Blueberry plants to anyone in the UK. He was one of only four people to take up the offer and he found that they grew successfully in his sandy, acidic soil.

In 1957, he sent his daughter, Jennifer, a telegram which simply read "1000 Blueberries arriving Queen Mary, Southampton. How about it?"
That was the start of the very first commercial Blueberry plantation in the country and the beginning of Trehane Nursery, as it was then decided to propagate from these plants in order to expand the future acreage.

Since then, the Dorset Blueberry plantations have gone from strength to strength, still producing many tons of fruit each year for supermarkets and other outlets. One of the original fields planted in the 1960's is now home to the immensely popular Trehane Blueberries PYO, the opening of which each summer is eagerly anticipated by blueberry fans throughout Dorset and beyond. And meanwhile the nursery continues to source and supply the best quality Blueberry plants to the home gardener. (Please note that, although we normally do not need to use any pesticides on the plants that we sell, they are not certified as organic).

Blueberries are very easy to grow in containers, using ericaceous compost, or in the ground if you have acidic, free draining soil. For advice on which plants to grow take a look at our 'Choosing Blueberries' section, or go to our EXPERT ADVICE section to learn more about Blueberry cultivation.

When choosing your plants, bear in mind that fruit yield is generally better from cross-pollination rather than self-pollination, so it is always better to have a mix rather than all plants of the same variety.