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Camellia hybrid 'Michael' Camellia hybrid Apple Blossom Camellia hybrid Black Lace
Prolific, small, single white flowers carried on slender, arching stems. Bronze-coloured young growth. Single, white flowers, toned light pink at the edge of the petals. Excellent scent. Average,upright growth habit. Flowers January to March. Dark velvet red, medium-sized, rose-form double or formal double flowers with incurved petals. Compact, upright growth. Flowers March to April.
Camellia hybrid Blissful Dawn Camellia hybrid Christmas Daffodil Camellia hybrid Cornish Snow
Large to very large, semi-double flowers, with white petals shaded pink towards the edge. Fairly vigorous, upright, open growth habit. Flowers February to March.
Very pale blush pink, anemone-form flowers, with yellow anthers and white filaments. Plant growth is dense and rapid, with dark, dull-green leaves. Flowers March/April. Small, single white flowers with an occasional pink blush produced prolifically from January to March. Bronze-coloured young growth. Open, upright, slender growth.
camellia hybrid Cornish Spring Camellia hybrid Dream Girl Camellia hybrid Fairy Blush
Strong pink, small, single flowers in March and April. Vigorous, upright growth. Good for containers.
Light pink semi-double flowers from December to February. Clusters of scented, small, light-pink single flowers from early to late spring.
Camellia hybrid Festival of Lights Camellia hybrid Fire 'n' Ice Camellia hybrid Francie L
Small, pale pink single flowers on an upright plant. Bright red semi-double or rose form double flowers in late March and April. Very large, rose-pink, semi-double flowers with irregular, wavy, petals and a large, compact centre of yellow stamens in March/April.
Camellia hybrid Free Spirit Camellia hybrid Gay Baby Camellia hybrid Inspiration
Dark red, formal double flowers with many rows of overlapping petals. Reasonably vigorous with an upright, slightly open habit, and dark green leaves. Flowers over a long period from January to April.
Small, deep pink, semi-double flowers in March. Semi-double phlox pink flowers, each petal slightly frilly around the margin. Upright, vigorous growth. Early to late season flowering.
Camellia hybrid Isabel Cordelia camellia hybrid Leonard Messel Camellia hybrid Nicky Crisp
Bright pink single flowers with white patches produced over the winter on a compact, upright plant. Large, loose, semi-double flowers. Mid pink with darker pink veining. Upright, vigorous, open growth.  Free flowering in March and April. Pale pink, semi-double flowers in March and April. Upright, compact and slow growing, ideal for the smaller garden and containers.
Camellia hybrid Night Rider Camellia hybrid Peggy Burton Camellia hybrid Pink Granthamiana
Semi-double flowers with very dark red, velvety textured petals. Narrow, dark green leaves, purple-red young growth. Slow growing with an upright, compact habit. Mid to late season flowering (March/April) Mid-pink semi-double flowers shading to a darker pink at the tips of the petals. A hybrid form of Camellia granthamiana with large, pink single flowers in winter..
Camellia hybrid Quintessence camellia hybrid Ruby Wedding Camellia hybrid Scented Sun
Miniature, fragrant, single white flowers, tinged pink, with yellow anthers and white filaments. Slow, spreading growth. Perfect for growing in contaimers Deep, ruby-red, medium-sized, full paeony-form flowers, occasionally showing white petaloids and stamens. Vigorous growth, forming an upright bush. Flowers March - April. Very large, white, semi-double flowers with an occasional pink stripe and a good apple-blossom fragrance. Vigorous, upright growth. Mid season flowering (March/April).
camellia hybrid Spring Festival Camellia hybrid Sugar 'n' Spice Camellia hybrid Sugar Dream
Miniature, pink, rose-form double flowers from late March into April. Bronze young foliage. Narrow, upright growth. Medium sized, light pink, semi-double flowers with lightly notched petals Medium-sized, pink, anemone form flowers with a sweetish scent. Very early flowering.
camellia hybrid Superscent Camellia hybrid Winton Camellia hybrid Wirlinga Belle
Fairly large, lightly-scented, creamy-coloured, paeony-form flowers with a faint pink blush. Dark green leaves. Flowers March to April. Small, single white flowers with an occasional pink blush produced prolifically from January to March. Bronze-coloured young growth. Open, upright, slender growth. Small, soft-pink, single flowers with orange-yellow stamens. A vigorous, spreading habit with purplish-coloured young growth in the spring. Flowers January to March