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We believe in supplying blueberry plants that are already well-established in order that you won't have to wait years until you can pick a reasonable crop. So our plants are at least 3 years old and in no smaller than 2 or 3 litre pots, and most will have at least some fruit next summer. We also have a few varieties in 5 litre pots - these plants are another year older and so are taller and considerably more well branched.
You can check our current availability for each pot size here:
The varieties that we sell are ones that we know produce good yields of high quality fruit - we don't stock ones that crop poorly or which, in our opinion, do not have good flavour. As well as growing on plants ourselves, we also source the best varieties we can find elsewhere and now for the first time we have available some of the newer varieties that have come out of the breeding programme at Michigan State University - 'Aurora', 'Draper', 'Huron', 'Liberty' and 'Osorno'. These are all vigorous plants that have large, firm fruit with excellent flavour which we think are well worth trying.

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Blueberry 'Aurora' Blueberry 'Aurora'

Firm, large fruit with excellent flavour. Very late ripening (late August to September).

Blueberry 'Berkeley' Blueberry 'Berkeley'

Large to very large, sweet fruit in late July and August produced on tall, vigorous plants.

Blueberry 'Bluejay' Blueberry 'Bluejay'

Mid Season fruiting (July/ August) vigorous upright and slightly open habit. Mild flavour with pleasant tang

Blueberry 'Brigitta' Blueberry 'Brigitta'

Large sweet, firm fruit with good flavour. Mid-late season ripening (August). Exceptional storage.

Blueberry 'Chandler' Blueberry 'Chandler'

High yields of very large fruit with good flavour. Late season (August/September) ripening.

Blueberry 'Duke' Blueberry 'Duke'

Late flowering but early ripening (beginning of July). Medium to large, firm light blue fruit, sweet when fully ripe.

Blueberry 'Elizabeth' Blueberry 'Elizabeth'

Medium to large-sized berries with an excellent, sweet flavour ripening over a long period from mid-season (August). A vigorous plant with a spreading habit.

Blueberry 'Herbert' Blueberry 'Herbert'

Large, dark-blue fruit, with an excellent rich, tangy flavour. Ripens in mid-season (July/August).

Blueberry 'Huron' Blueberry 'Huron'

Large, firm, sweet fruit with low acidity. Early season ripening (July).

Blueberry 'Liberty' Blueberry 'Liberty'

A late-ripening variety (slightly before ‘Aurora’), towards the end of August and into September. Firm, large fruit with excellent flavour.

Blueberry 'Osorno' Blueberry 'Osorno'

Very, large light-blue fruit with excellent flavour. Early to mid-season ripening (July).

Blueberry 'Ozark Blue' Blueberry 'Ozark Blue'

Medium-large, sweet, light-blue fruit in late season (August/September). A hybrid, semi-evergreen variety.

Blueberry 'Patriot' Blueberry 'Patriot'

Large, superior flavoured berries. Vigorous, upright growth. Slightly tolerant of less than ideal soils. Early season fruiting ( from early July).

Blueberry 'Spartan' Blueberry 'Spartan'

Early ripening (July). Large, firm dark blue fruit with a very good flavour.

Cranberry Cranberry

A low-growing, spreading, evergreen plant producing red berries in the autumn.