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Every year we have a clear-out at the nursery and sort out those plants that are surplus to requirements - batches where we have too many plants to pot on, or plants which are not an ideal shape for growing on as a larger specimen. As they need potting-on, they tend to be quite large for the pot size, and some may be slightly yellow or misshapen, but once planted out, pruned and fed they will soon grow into excellent plants.

Here is a selection of those that we currently have available, at about half the price at which plants of this age and size are normally sold:

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camellia japonica San Dimas Camellia japonica San Dimas - 5 Litre (Sale Plant)

Rich, dark red, medium to large semi-double flowers with a mass of yellow stamens. Compact, bushy habit. Early flowering.

Price: £17.50 Inc VAT
camellia hybrid Elizabeth Anderson Camellia hybrid Elizabeth Anderson - 5 Litre (Sale Plant)

Mid-pink, rose-form or formal double flowers in March to April. Vigorous, upright growth.

Price: £17.50 Inc VAT
camellia japonica Holly Bright Camellia japonica Holly Bright - 5 Litre (Sale Plant)

Large, glossy, salmon-red, semi-double flowers and crinkled, holly-like foliage. Compact, upright habit. Flowers March to April.

Price: £17.50 Inc VAT
2 Litre sale camellias mixed box 2 Litre sale camellias mixed box

A mixture of 8 x 2 litre pot size, spring-flowering camellias from our current selection of sale plants, which works out at just over £6 per plant. We'll choose 8 different varieties, but if you have any preferences as to flower colour or form, then do let us know in the order comments box.

Price: £50.00 Inc VAT
camellia hybrid Leonard Messel Camellia hybrid Leonard Messel - 5 Litre (Sale Plant)

Large, loose, semi-double flowers. Mid pink with darker pink veining. Upright, vigorous, open growth.  Free flowering in March and April.

Price: £17.50 Inc VAT