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We have a range of Camellia varieties in 10 litre and 30 litre pots - please select the appropriate category above to view a selection of the plants currently available. If you can't see what you want then do contact us as we often have more plants than are shown on the website.

The size of these larger plants varies according to the particular variety and the age of the plant, but as a rough guide, 10 litre plants fall in the range 75 - 120cm (2½ - 4ft) high, while the 30 litres are generally 90 - 150cm (3 - 5ft).

For a 10 litre plant the rootball is 27cm (10½") diameter and 20cm (8") deep, 36cm (14") x 30cm (12") for a 30 litre.

The pictures below show, from left to right in each image, the following varieties in 10 and 30 litre pots:

'Midnight Magic' (vigorous, upright growth)
'Matilija Poppy' (slower growing, bushy, compact habit)
'Night Rider' (slow growing, upright and compact)

10 Litre Pot Size 30 Litre Pot Size

Please contact us if you would like more information about a particular plant - we can even email you a picture!