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Camellia Aphids
Images of Aphids Aphids, also commonly known as greenfly or blackfly (although many other colours are also found), are probably the most common insect pest of Camellias. They
Camellia flower blight
Images of Flower Blight Camellia Flower Blight Camellia Flower (or Petal) Blight, Ciborinia camelliae , is a fungal disease that causes premature browning of Camellia
Camellia sinensis - the tea plant
The common tea plant, Camellia sinensis , is native to large parts of southern China and some neighbouring countries, and has been cultivated by the Chinese for perhaps as long as 3000 years in order
Camellias Damaged By Winter
Camellias- coping with winter damage. “Prevention is better than cure” ? Well, that’s the message for the future as far as camellias are concerned. During the spring of 2011, many gardeners
Feeding Camellias
Camellia Cultivation - Feeding Your Camellias Camellias usually have two growth periods in the year, the first in spring and then again in summer, and these are the times when the plants need to
How To Protect Camellias For Winter
So, we've talked about how camellias become damaged by winter, particularly how frost can kill roots that are restricted in containers, putting them permanently out of action, but what can you do to
How To Prune Camellias
Left to their own devices, and given sufficient time, most Camellias will eventually form a large shrub or small tree. While this may be fine in a woodland setting where space is not an issue and a n
Japonica or williamsii hybrid - which Camellia to choose
What’s in a name - Camellia japonica or Camellia x williamsii? If you’ve been looking for a camellia to buy then you’ve probably come across these names and may be wo
Planting Camellias in the Ground
Site Selection In southern England, planting camellias with some shade from the hot midday summer sun should ideally be provided to prevent leaf scorch. Some varieties, however, such as autumn fl
Planting Camellias in Tubs
All Camellias can be grown in pots if you do not have the correct soil in your garden. They make fantastic patio plants or feature plants by doorways or steps# Choose a container that is 2 to 2.5
Sooty Mould
Black Mould On Camellias If your Camellia leaves are covered by a black, soot-like deposit,  this is Sooty Mould. Sooty mould is a common condition with camellias and is usually caused by
Summer flowering camellias ? A cloak and dagger story
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