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Owing to their large size and weight, the 30 Litre plants are expensive to send by courier. Accordingly, they may only be ordered online for delivery to addresses in England, Wales and Lowland Scotland, for which there is a fixed delivery charge of £25 per plant. (Alternatively, you can select 'In store pick-up' as the delivery option, and come to the nursery to collect your plant). Please note that, in order to facilitate packing, these plants are dispatched without a pot, and with the rootball wrapped.

If you live outside of the above-mentioned areas please contact us for a delivery cost.

If you'd like to see what any of these plants look like before ordering we can send you a picture - just let us know!

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Camellia hybrid Night Rider camellia japonica C.H.Hovey Camellia japonica Kimberley
Camellia japonica C.H.Hovey - 30 Litre (120cm)
Price: £150.00 (125.00 exc VAT)
Camellia japonica Kimberley - 30 Litre (110 cm)
Price: £130.00 (108.33 exc VAT)
Semi-double flowers with very dark red, velvety textured petals. Narrow, dark green leaves, purple-red young growth. Slow growing with an upright, compact habit. Mid to late season flowering (March/April) Dark crimson, formal double flowers and dark green, glossy leaves. Compact upright growth. Flowers March/April. Medium sized, vivid scarlet single flowers with a cluster of yellow stamens. Vigorous, upright growth. Flowers March to April.
camellia japonica Royal Velvet Camellia japonica Ruddigore Camellia japonica Silver Ruffles
Camellia japonica Ruddigore - 30 Litre (120 cm)
Price: £150.00 (125.00 exc VAT)
Rich red, medium-sized, semi-double flowers with a velvety sheen to the petals. Upright, compact, vigorous habit. Flowers in mid to late season (March to early May).
Light-red, loose paeony-form double flowers with occasional light yellow stamens produced in mid to late season (February to April). Compact, upright growth. Large, semi-double to loose paeony-form white flowers, with the petals giving a ruffled appearance. Upright, open, vigorous habit. Flowers March to May.
Camellia grijsii Camellia hybrid Francie L Camellia hybrid Freedom Bell
Camellia grijsii - 30 Litre Pot (150cm)
Price: £180.00 (150.00 exc VAT)
Camellia hybrid Francie L - 30 Litre (120cm)
Price: £150.00 (125.00 exc VAT)
Very fragrant, single white flowers with heart-shaped petals in late winter and early spring. The leaves are relatively small with a coarse, leathery texture. Very upright habit. Very large, rose-pink, semi-double flowers with irregular, wavy, petals and a large, compact centre of yellow stamens. The leaves are dark, long and narrow, and very heavily textured. Growth is strong, open and upright, and suitable for wall-training. Flowers March/April. A small bright red, bell-shaped semi-double flower. Upright, dense and rapid growth. Flowers early to mid-season (January to March).
Camellia japonica Akashi-Gata camellia japonica Black Tie Camellia japonica Kick Off
Camellia japonica Black Tie - 30 Litre (120cm)
Price: £150.00 (125.00 exc VAT)
Camellia japonica Kick Off - 30 Litre (100cm)
Price: £130.00 (108.33 exc VAT)
Large, deep-pink, semi-double flowers from February to April. Vigorous, bushy growth.
Dark red, average-sized, formal double flowers. Moderately vigorous, dense, bushy growth. Flowers March to April.
Large, pale pink, paeony form flowers with deeper pink markings. Vigorous, compact and upright growth. Flowers February to March.
camellia japonica Nuccio's Jewel Camellia japonica Princess Margaret Camellia japonica Red Rogue
Camellia japonica Red Rogue - 30 Litre (110 cm)
Price: £150.00 (125.00 exc VAT)
Pale pink, shading to darker pink, paeony-form flowers in March/April. Upright, bushy growth. Medium size, anemone or paeony form flowers with coral pink petals. Glossy foliage on an upright, dense bush. Flowers March/April. Large, deep red, anemone- or paeony-form flowers on a compact, vigorous, upright bush in March/April.
camellia japonica Sundae camellia japonica William Bartlett
Camellia japonica Sundae - 30 Litre (110 cm)
Price: £150.00 (125.00 exc VAT)
Miniature, crimson flowers with a central cushion of creamy white petaloids overlaid with light red. Flowers March to April Pale pink, formal double flowers with stripes and flecks of a deeper pink. Vigorous growth with a compact, bushy habit. Flowers in mid to late season (March and April).