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camellia saluenensis Apple Blossom Form camellia hybrid Black Lace camellia hybrid Blissful Dawn
Single, white flowers, toned light pink at the edge of the petals. Excellent scent. Average,upright growth habit. Flowers January to March. Dark velvet red, medium-sized, rose-form double or formal double flowers with incurved petals. Compact, upright growth. Flowers March to April. Large to very large, semi-double flowers, with white petals shaded pink towards the edge. Fairly vigorous, upright, open growth habit. Flowers February to March.
camellia hybrid Fragrant Pink camellia hybrid Free Spirit camellia hybrid Freedom Bell
Very large, rose-pink, semi-double flowers with irregular, wavy, petals and a large, compact centre of yellow stamens. The leaves are dark, long and narrow, and very heavily textured. Growth is strong, open and upright, and suitable for wall-training. Flowers March/April. Dark red, formal double flowers with many rows of overlapping petals. Reasonably vigorous with an upright, slightly open habit, and dark green leaves. Flowers over a long period from January to April. A small bright red, bell-shaped semi-double flower. Upright, dense and rapid growth. Flowers early to mid-season (January to March).
camellia hybrid Les Jury camellia hybrid Ruby Wedding camellia hybrid Spring Festival
Formal double or rose-form double flowers of deep crimson red in March and April. Upright, vigorous, bushy habit. Deep, ruby-red, medium-sized, full paeony-form flowers, occasionally showing white petaloids and stamens. Vigorous growth, forming an upright bush. Flowers March - April. Miniature, pink, rose-form double flowers from late March into April. Bronze young foliage. Narrow, upright growth.
camellia hybrid Superscent camellia japonica Alba Plena camellia japonica Black Magic
Fairly large, lightly-scented, creamy-coloured, paeony-form flowers with a faint pink blush. Dark green leaves. Flowers March to April. White, formal double flowers that open flat, showing no stamens. Slow growing, with a dense, upright habit. Flowers March to April. Very dark, glossy, red semi-double flowers with a few, slightly hidden yellow stamens. Unusual, highly serrated foliage on fast-growing, bushy plant. Flowers January to April.
camellia japonica Desire camellia japonica Dr. Burnside camellia japonica Elizabeth Cooper
White shaded to pale pink, formal double flowers, edged deeper pink. Strong, upright, slightly open growth. Flowers February to March. Dark red, medium to large, semi-double to paeony flowers with yellow stamens. Medium, upright growth. Flowers February to April. Medium size, pure white formal double flowers. Upright growth. Flowers March to May.
camellia japonica Firedance camellia japonica Imbricata Rubra camellia japonica Kewpie Doll
Medium-sized, deep red semi-double flowers with narrow petals. Vigorous, compact, open growth. Flowers February to April. Cherry red, medium-sized, formal double flowers. Upright and vigorous growth. Flowers March/April. Very light pink, miniature, anemone-form flowers with many petaloids packed into the centre. Vigorous, bushy, upright growth. Flowers in March/April.
camellia japonica Kick Off camellia japonica Kimberley Camellia japonica Lady Loch
Large, pale pink, paeony form flowers with deeper pink markings. Vigorous, compact and upright growth. Flowers February to March. Medium sized, vivid scarlet single flowers with a cluster of yellow stamens. Vigorous, upright growth. Flowers March to April. Light pink, paeony form flowers, sometimes with deeper pink veining, and white, picotee-edged petals. Dense, upright habit. Flowers February to April.
Camellia japonica Lady Vansittart camellia japonica Lemon Drop camellia japonica Lovelight
Medium sized, white semi-double flowers, striped with rose pink. Slow, bushy growth with holly-like foliage. Flowers February to April.
White, miniature, rose-form double or anemone-form flowers with a pale lemon centre. Medium, compact, upright growth. Flowers in March/April
Large, white, semi-double flowers with heavy petals. Vigorous, upright, open growth. March/April flowering.
camellia japonica Margaret Davis camellia japonica Matterhorn camellia japonica Midnight Magic
Informal double or loose paeony-form flowers. The petals are white to cream coloured with a few rose red lines, dashed and edged bright red. Upright growth. Flowers March/April. White, formal double flowers on a bushy compact plant. Dark green leaves on downward sweeping branches. March/April flowering. Very dark, maroon-red, paeony form flowers, the central petaloids of which are occasionally tinted white. Vigorous, narrow, upright growth, almost columnar in habit. Flowers late season (April)
camellia japonica Nuccio's Cameo camellia japonica Princess Margaret camellia japonica Royal Velvet
Medium to large, coral pink, rose-form double flowers. Average, compact, upright growth habit. Flowers March to April. Medium size, anemone or paeony form flowers with coral pink petals. Glossy foliage on an upright, dense bush. Flowers March/April. Rich red, medium-sized, semi-double flowers with a velvety sheen to the petals. Upright, compact, vigorous habit. Flowers March to early May.