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N.B. Last year we potted some of these plants into 7.5 litre pots, rather than 10 litre. Although the pot size is smaller, the plants are just as big as they would have been in a 10 litre pot.
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Camellia hybrid Wirlinga Belle camellia hybrid Christmas Daffodil camellia hybrid Cornish Spring
Small, soft-pink, single flowers with orange-yellow stamens. A vigorous, spreading habit with purplish-coloured young growth in the spring. Flowers January to March
This spring flowering camellia plant has white, anemone form flower, tinged blush pink at the petal tips, with yellow anthers and white filaments. Rapid, dense growth. mid season flowering. Strong pink, small, single flowers in March and April. Vigorous, upright growth. Good for containers.
camellia hybrid Free Spirit camellia hybrid Ruby Wedding Camellia hybrid Scented Sun
Dark red, formal double flowers with many rows of overlapping petals. Reasonably vigorous with an upright, slightly open habit, and dark green leaves. Flowers over a long period from January to April. Deep, ruby-red, medium-sized, full paeony-form flowers, occasionally showing white petaloids and stamens. Vigorous growth, forming an upright bush. Flowers March - April. Very large, white, semi-double flowers with an occasional pink stripe and a good apple-blossom fragrance. Vigorous, upright growth. Mid season flowering (March/April).
Camellia hybrid Winton camellia japonica Alba Simplex camellia japonica Kick Off
Small, single white flowers with an occasional pink blush produced prolifically from January to March. Bronze-coloured young growth. Open, upright, slender growth. An ever popular historic camellia with simple, medium sized, single white flowers and golden stamens. Leaves are dark, glossy green and it grows to an upright, open bush. Flowers February to March. Large, pale pink, paeony form flowers with deeper pink markings. Vigorous, compact and upright growth. Flowers February to March.
camellia japonica Lemon Drop camellia japonica Lovelight camellia matilija poppy
White, miniature, rose-form double or anemone-form flowers with a pale lemon centre. Medium, compact, upright growth. Flowers in March/April
This spring flowering camellia plant has white, large, semi-double flower with heavy petals. vigorous, upright, open growth. mid season flowering. Beautiful, large to very large, semi-double, white flowers with crinkled petals and golden stamens, in April/May. Robust, bushy, compact growth making it ideal for a smaller garden.
camellia japonica Oo La La camellia japonica Princess Margaret Camellia sasanqua Variegata
Striking, semi-double flowers, with pink, rose-veined petals, edged in white. Upright, open, vigorous habit. Flowers from early to late season (January to April). This spring flowering camellia plant has medium size, anemone or paeony form flowers with coral petals. Mid to late season. Glossy foliage on an upright, dense bush Small, single, scented, white flowers with rose pink tips to the petals, but the real attraction of this variety is the variegated foliage. The robust, dark green leaves with silvery-green margins enhance the display of flowers, while the young growth is a striking purplish colour before it matures. A vigorous, very upright growth habit, forming a dense bush.
Camellia hybrid Elizabeth Anderson Camellia sasanqua Plantation Pink camellia japonica Adelina Patti
Mid-pink, rose-form or formal double flowers in March to April. Vigorous, upright growth.
Large, scented, pink, single flowers in October/November. Vigorous, upright, open habit. Prefers a sunny, sheltered position. Bright rosy-pink single flowers, broadly banded white on the margin, with golden yellow anthers. Erect growth with pendulous branches, forming a slightly spreading bush. Flowers March to April.
camellia japonica Dahlohnega Camellia japonica Elizabeth Weaver camellia japonica Hakurakuten
Also known as 'Golden Anniversary'.
Medium-sized, formal double flowers that can range in colour from creamy white to pale yellow. Upright, compact, slower growth habit with glossy, dark green leaves. Flowers April to May.
Large, coral-pink, formal double flowers produced between March and May. Open, upright growth. White, medium to large, semi-double to loose paeony-form flowers with curved and fluted petals. Vigorous, upright growth. Flowers February to April.
Camellia japonica Holly Bright Camellia japonica Jupiter Camellia japonica Mary Costa
Large, glossy, salmon-red, semi-double flowers and crinkled, holly-like foliage. Compact, upright habit. Flowers March to April.
Large, geranium-red, single flowers. Prominent central cylinder of stamens with white filaments. Compact, upright growth. Free flowering in mid season (March)
Large, loose, white anemone-form flowers with fluted guard petals and long, strap-like petaloids. Average, compact, upright growth. Early to mid season flowering (January to March).
camellia japonica Sundae Camellia sasanqua Plantation Pink Variegated Camellia williamsii hybrid Jill Totty
Miniature, crimson flowers with a central cushion of creamy white petaloids overlaid with light red. Flowers March to April Cream-colored variegated foliage and scented, pink, single flowers in October/November. Vigorous, upright, habit. Will flower best in a sunny, sheltered position. Pure white, full paeony-form flowers, showing a few dark stamens. Occasionally sports plain pink flowers. Bushy, upright growth. Flowers in March/April.