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The Azalea is a sub-group of the rhododendron family.
In general, plants of all the species of rhododendron and azalea bear many trusses of small to medium sized flowers in a variety of shapes.
Hybrids have been developed around the world over the last century, with notable selections from Exbury in Hampshire.

Azalea hybrids can be divided into many sub groups, most of which will be included here in due course.

We can subdivide azaleas into deciduous and evergreen.
Evergreen azaleas typically keep their leaves in winter, grow 40 to 80cm tall in 10 years. Evergreen azaleas lose their leaves in autumn, are usually taller, reaching 120 - 150cm and provide more vivid colours.

Deciduous Azaleas come from Turkey, America and Japan. Look out for the  yellow luteum variety which is hardy and very popular because of  its scented flowers. American species tend to be more gentle in colour and extend the flowering season into the summer. The species from Japan and other areas of Asia are more delicate in habit and in flower, and very beautiful.
All azaleas flower best in partial shade, and are perfect as woodland plants or they make wonderful additions to a garden border, showing stunning colour from April to June, covering almost every colour possible, from greens to flame red azaleas.