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Camellia granthamiana Camellia grijsii Camellia oleifera
Discovered in the New Territories of Hong Kong in in 1955 and named after the then Governor Sir Alexander Grantham. The brown buds open to very large, pure white, single flowers with a central mass of bright orange stamens, the brown leathery bud scales persisting long after flowering finishes. The leaves are also large, and deeply impressed with veins. C.granthamiana will survive winters outside in the south of England, but otherwise needs to be grown under glass in the UK Very fragrant, single white flowers with heart-shaped petals in late winter and early spring. The leaves are relatively small with a coarse, leathery texture. Very upright habit.
Flat, single, white flowers, with yellow stamens. The petals are occasionally tipped pink and the flowers are strongly scented. Flowers in November/December.
Camellia sinensis camellia transnokoensis
The common tea plant. Produces small, single, white scented flowers in late autumn and early winter. Young growth in the spring can be picked and dried to make tea.
A very early, spring-flowering species that at first sight doesn't even look like a Camellia! Large numbers of small, single white flowers produced through the winter to early spring, followed by bronze-coloured new growth.