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Blueberry Plants and Book Offer
Our Price: £27.50

Two 3 litre blueberry plants with a copy of Jennifer Trehane's comprehensive book on blueberry growing. An ideal starter for the new grower. The  common, fragrant yellow Azalea (also known as Azalea pontica). A medium sized deciduous shrub bearing funnel-shaped, bright yellow, strongly fragrant flowers in May. The bright green leaves turn to shades of crimson, purple and orange in the autumn. Typically grows to 1.5m (5ft) high with a similar spread. Supplied in a 3 litre pot. Also known as 'Golden Anniversary'.
Medium-sized, formal double flowers that can range in colour from creamy white to pale yellow. Upright, compact, slower growth habit with glossy, dark green leaves. Flowers April to May.
camellia hybrid Ruby Wedding
Deep, ruby-red, medium-sized, full paeony-form flowers, occasionally showing white petaloids and stamens. Vigorous growth, forming an upright bush. Flowers March - April.