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Blueberry 'Duke' Blueberry 'Brigitta' Blueberry 'Spartan'
Late flowering but early ripening (beginning of July). Medium to large, firm light blue fruit, sweet when fully ripe. Large sweet, firm fruit with good flavour. Mid-late season ripening (August). Exceptional storage. Early ripening (July). Large, firm dark blue fruit with a very good flavour.
Blueberry 'Sunshine Blue' Blueberry 'Patriot' 3 Litre Pot Size Blueberry Coville
A highly ornamental blueberry, forming a neat, compact bush that makes a good container plant for the patio. The medium sized berries have a good flavour when fully ripe. Mid to late season ripening, often picking from late August until the first frosts. Large, superior flavoured berries. Vigorous, upright growth. Slightly tolerant of less than ideal soils. Early season fruiting ( from early July). Coville is a late ripening variety (August/September). The large fruit has firm flesh and an aromatic flavour with a slight tang, at its best when fully ripe. Vigorous, upright habit.