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camellia japonica Lemon Drop camellia japonica Lovelight camellia japonica Matterhorn
White, miniature, rose-form double or anemone-form flowers with a pale lemon centre. Medium, compact, upright growth. Flowers in March/April
Large, white, semi-double flowers with heavy petals. Vigorous, upright, open growth. March/April flowering. White, formal double flowers on a bushy compact plant. Dark green leaves on downward sweeping branches. March/April flowering.
camellia williamsii hybrid Tiptoe Camellia williamsii hybrid Bowen Bryant - 10 Litre camellia japonica Elizabeth Cooper
This spring flowering camellia plant has Dog rose pink deepening to cherry pink at petal tips, medium, semi-double flowers. Dense, upright habit. Ideal for containers or hedges. mid to late season flowering. Mid-pink, semi-double flowers in March/April. Upright habit, forming a tall, elegant bush.
Medium size, pure white formal double flowers. Upright growth. Flowers March to May.
Camellia hybrid Golden Spangles camellia japonica Kick Off camellia japonica Margaret Davis
Bright cherry rose, funnel-shaped, single flowers. Dark green leaves with pale yellow-green central leaf markings. Upright, slightly open and bushy growth. Flowers March/April. Large, pale pink, paeony form flowers with deeper pink markings. Vigorous, compact and upright growth. Flowers February to March. Informal double or loose paeony-form flowers. The petals are white to cream coloured with a few rose red lines, dashed and edged bright red. Upright growth. Flowers March/April.
camellia japonica Princess Margaret camellia japonica Elizabeth Hawkins Camellia japonica Kitty Berry
Medium size, anemone or paeony form flowers with coral pink petals. Glossy foliage on an upright, dense bush. Flowers March/April. Small, bright red, anemone form flowers. Compact, upright growth. Flowers February to April.
Medium sized, peach pink, loose paeony-form flowers. Strong, upright, dense habit with average growth rate. Flowers January to March
camellia japonica Sundae camellia japonica Haru-no-utena camellia japonica Miss Universe
Miniature, crimson flowers with a central cushion of creamy white petaloids overlaid with light red. Flowers March to April Semi-double flowers, white or pale pink, lightly flecked and striped deeper pink. Upright, bushy growth with slender branches. Flowers March to May.
Shiny white, paeony-form or formal double flowers,  with a creamy tint. Upright, with strong, twiggy branches. Flowers March/April.
camellia japonica Elegans Champagne camellia hybrid Cornish Spring camellia japonica Fire Dance
Large, anemone-form flowers with broad, white outer petals surrounding a cream-coloured centre. Low, spreading growth. Flowers March to April.
Strong pink, small, single flowers in March and April. Vigorous, upright growth. Good for containers.
Medium-sized, deep red semi-double flowers from February to April.
camellia japonica Imbricata Rubra camellia japonica Midnight Magic camellia japonica Royal Velvet
Cherry red, medium-sized, formal double flowers. Upright and vigorous growth. Flowers March/April. Very dark, maroon-red, paeony form flowers, the central petaloids of which are occasionally tinted white. Vigorous, narrow, upright growth, almost columnar in habit. Flowers late season (April) Rich red, medium-sized, semi-double flowers with a velvety sheen to the petals. Upright, compact, vigorous habit. Flowers March to early May.
Camellia japonica Ruddigore camellia hybrid Spring Festival camellia japonica Spring Fling
Masses of shiny, light-red, medium-sized flowers produced in mid to late season (February to April). The flower is a loose paeony-form double with occasional light yellow stamens. Compact, upright growth. Miniature, pink, rose-form double flowers from late March into April. Bronze young foliage. Narrow, upright growth. Red, medium-sized, formal double flowers in April/May. Dense, upright growth.
Camellia sasanqua Narumigata Camellia hybrid Winton camellia hybrid Ruby Wedding
Large, white, scented single flowers edged with pink. Upright and vigorous habit. Flowers October to November. Prefers a sunny, sheltered position. Small, single white flowers with an occasional pink blush produced prolifically from January to March. Bronze-coloured young growth. Open, upright, slender growth. Deep, ruby-red, medium-sized, full paeony-form flowers, occasionally showing white petaloids and stamens. Vigorous growth, forming an upright bush. Flowers March - April.
Camellia japonica Elizabeth Weaver camellia japonica Spring Formal camellia japonica Dahlohnega
Large, coral-pink, formal double flowers produced between March and May. Compact, upright growth. Deep pink, medium-sized, formal double flowers with pointed petals. Vigorous, compact and upright growth. Flowers in April/May. Also known as 'Golden Anniversary'.
Medium-sized, formal double flowers that can range in colour from creamy white to pale yellow. Upright, compact, slower growth habit with glossy, dark green leaves. Flowers April to May.