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camellia japonica Annie Wylam camellia japonica Firedance Camellia japonica Lady Loch
Mid-pink, paeony or rose-form flowers, shading to white in the centre with many slender petaloids. Average, open, upright growth. Flowers February to April.
Medium-sized, deep red semi-double flowers with narrow petals. Vigorous, compact, open growth. Flowers February to April. Light pink, paeony form flowers, sometimes with deeper pink veining, and white, picotee-edged petals. Dense, upright habit. Flowers February to April.
Camellia sasanqua Tanya Camellia hybrid Elizabeth Anderson Camellia japonica Kitty Berry
One of the most compact, free-flowering and attractive of the sasanquas. Small, scented, deep rose-pink, single flowers on a low growing plant suitable for prostrate training. Flowers in October/November. Ideal for growing in containers. Best in a sunny, sheltered position Mid-pink, rose-form or formal double flowers in March to April. Vigorous, upright growth.
Medium sized, peach pink, loose paeony-form flowers. Strong, upright, dense habit with average growth rate. Flowers January to March
camellia japonica Sundae Camellia japonica Hawaii camellia japonica Spring Formal
Miniature, crimson flowers with a central cushion of creamy white petaloids overlaid with light red. Flowers March to April Large, pale pink, paeony-form flowers, shading to white at the ends of the petals. Slow, upright growth. Late flowering, occasionally into June/July. Deep pink, medium-sized, formal double flowers with pointed petals. Vigorous, compact and upright growth. Flowers in April/May.
Camellia japonica Elegans Splendor Camellia japonica Red Hots Camellia japonica Blaze of Glory
Soft pink anemone-form flowers with a paler edge in March/April Brilliant red, semi-double flowers in March/April. A compact, upright plant good for containers. Large, brilliant red anemone/paeony form flowers from January to March. Upright, medium and fairly open growth, eventually forming a big, mounded bush.
camellia japonica Kewpie Doll camellia japonica Kick Off Camellia williamsii hybrid Laura Boscawen
Very light pink, miniature, anemone-form flowers with many petaloids packed into the centre. Vigorous, bushy, upright growth. Flowers in March/April. Large, pale pink, paeony form flowers with deeper pink markings. Vigorous, compact and upright growth. Flowers February to March. Coral-pink, anemone form flowers produced prolifically in mid to late season (March/April). Compact, upright growth.
Camellia japonica Mary Costa camellia japonica Midnight Magic camellia japonica Nuccio's Cameo
Large, loose, white anemone-form flowers with fluted guard petals and long, strap-like petaloids. Average, compact, upright growth. Early to mid season flowering (January to March). Very dark, maroon-red, paeony form flowers, the central petaloids of which are occasionally tinted white. Vigorous, narrow, upright growth, almost columnar in habit. Flowers late season (April) Medium to large, coral pink, rose-form double flowers. Average, compact, upright growth habit. Flowers March to April.
Camellia hybrid Scented Sun Camellia japonica Vittorio Emanuele II camellia japonica Elizabeth Hawkins
Very large, white, semi-double flowers with an occasional pink stripe and a good apple-blossom fragrance. Vigorous, upright growth. Mid season flowering (March/April).
Rose-pink, formal double flowers, with streaks of red on the petals, and white central petaloids. Open, upright growth. Mid season flowering (March/April). Small, bright red, anemone form flowers. Compact, upright growth. Flowers February to April.
camellia hybrid Superscent Camellia hybrid Winton camellia hybrid Christmas Daffodil
Fairly large, lightly-scented, creamy-coloured, paeony-form flowers with a faint pink blush. Dark green leaves. Flowers March to April. Small, single white flowers with an occasional pink blush produced prolifically from January to March. Bronze-coloured young growth. Open, upright, slender growth. Very pale blush pink, anemone-form flowers, with yellow anthers and white filaments. Plant growth is dense and rapid, with dark, dull-green leaves. Flowers March/April.
camellia japonica William Bartlett Camellia hybrid Pink Granthamiana camellia williamsii hybrid Elegant Beauty
Pale pink, formal double flowers with stripes and flecks of a deeper pink. Vigorous growth with a compact, bushy habit. Flowers in mid to late season (March and April). A hybrid form of Camellia granthamiana with large, pink single flowers in winter..
Deep rose-pink, anemone form flowers in March/April. Very free flowering. Bronze-coloured young foliage. Long arching growth which makes it ideal for training against a wall.
Camellia williamsii hybrid Mary Phoebe Taylor Camellia japonica Jupiter camellia williamsii hybrid Jury's Yellow
Rose pink semi-double or paeony form flowers in March/April. Large, geranium-red, single flowers. Prominent central cylinder of stamens with white filaments. Compact, upright growth. Free flowering in mid season (March)
Medium-sized, anemone-form flowers, consisting of 9 white petals surrounding about 50 cream coloured petaloids. Dense, upright growth. Flowers March/April.