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Camellia sasanqua Tanya camellia japonica Sundae Camellia japonica Holly Bright
One of the most compact, free-flowering and attractive of the sasanquas. Small, scented, deep rose-pink, single flowers on a low growing plant suitable for prostrate training. Flowers in October/November. Ideal for growing in containers. Best in a sunny, sheltered position Miniature, crimson flowers with a central cushion of creamy white petaloids overlaid with light red. Flowers March to April Large, glossy, salmon-red, semi-double flowers and crinkled, holly-like foliage. Compact, upright habit. Flowers March to April.
Camellia hybrid Pink Granthamiana camellia japonica Dahlohnega Camellia hybrid Gay Baby
A hybrid form of Camellia granthamiana with large, pink single flowers in winter..
Also known as 'Golden Anniversary'.
Medium-sized, formal double flowers that can range in colour from creamy white to pale yellow. Upright, compact, slower growth habit with glossy, dark green leaves. Flowers April to May.
Small, deep pink, semi-double flowers in March.
camellia hybrid Spring Festival
Miniature, pink, rose-form double flowers from late March into April. Bronze young foliage. Narrow, upright growth.