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camellia japonica Annie Wylam camellia williamsii hybrid Anticipation camellia japonica Firedance
Mid-pink, paeony or rose-form flowers, shading to white in the centre with many slender petaloids. Average, open, upright growth. Flowers February to April.
Large, deep rose, full paeony-form flowers. Very free flowering from late February to May. Growth is bushy, upright and slow. Ideal for containers and small gardens. Medium-sized, deep red semi-double flowers with narrow petals. Vigorous, compact, open growth. Flowers February to April.
camellia hybrid Free Spirit Camellia japonica Lady Loch Camellia japonica Lady Vansittart
Dark red, formal double flowers with many rows of overlapping petals. Reasonably vigorous with an upright, slightly open habit, and dark green leaves. Flowers over a long period from January to April. Light pink, paeony form flowers, sometimes with deeper pink veining, and white, picotee-edged petals. Dense, upright habit. Flowers February to April.
Medium sized, white semi-double flowers, striped with rose pink. Slow, bushy growth with holly-like foliage. Flowers February to April.
Camellia sasanqua Tanya Camellia hybrid Elizabeth Anderson Camellia japonica Kitty Berry
One of the most compact, free-flowering and attractive of the sasanquas. Small, scented, deep rose-pink, single flowers on a low growing plant suitable for prostrate training. Flowers in October/November. Ideal for growing in containers. Best in a sunny, sheltered position Mid-pink, rose-form or formal double flowers in March to April. Vigorous, upright growth.
Medium sized, peach pink, loose paeony-form flowers. Strong, upright, dense habit with average growth rate. Flowers January to March
camellia japonica Sundae Camellia japonica Hawaii camellia japonica Spring Formal
Miniature, crimson flowers with a central cushion of creamy white petaloids overlaid with light red. Flowers March to April Large, pale pink, paeony-form flowers, shading to white at the ends of the petals. Slow, upright growth. Late flowering, occasionally into June/July. Deep pink, medium-sized, formal double flowers with pointed petals. Vigorous, compact and upright growth. Flowers in April/May.
Camellia williamsii hybrid Bridal Gown Camellia japonica Elegans Splendor Camellia williamsii hybrid Brigadoon
White paeony-form flowers in March/April. Stocky, upright growth with fairly broad leaves. Soft pink anemone-form flowers with a paler edge in March/April Deep pink, semi-double flowers in March and April. Compact, slightly open, upright growth. Very hardy.
Camellia japonica Red Hots Camellia japonica Blaze of Glory camellia japonica Bokuhan
Brilliant red, semi-double flowers in March/April. A compact, upright plant good for containers. Large, brilliant red anemone/paeony form flowers from January to March. Upright, medium and fairly open growth, eventually forming a big, mounded bush.
Miniature anemone form flowers, 5-6cm across with red outer guard petals and a compact white petaloid centre. Vigorous, upright, slender growth with long oval leaves. Flowers January to March.
camellia japonica Kewpie Doll camellia japonica Kick Off camellia japonica Kimberley
Very light pink, miniature, anemone-form flowers with many petaloids packed into the centre. Vigorous, bushy, upright growth. Flowers in March/April. Large, pale pink, paeony form flowers with deeper pink markings. Vigorous, compact and upright growth. Flowers February to March. Medium sized, vivid scarlet single flowers with a cluster of yellow stamens. Vigorous, upright growth. Flowers March to April.
Camellia williamsii hybrid Laura Boscawen Camellia japonica Mary Costa camellia japonica Midnight Magic
Coral-pink, anemone form flowers produced prolifically in mid to late season (March/April). Compact, upright growth.
Large, loose, white anemone-form flowers with fluted guard petals and long, strap-like petaloids. Average, compact, upright growth. Early to mid season flowering (January to March). Very dark, maroon-red, paeony form flowers, the central petaloids of which are occasionally tinted white. Vigorous, narrow, upright growth, almost columnar in habit. Flowers late season (April)
camellia japonica Nuccio's Cameo camellia japonica Nuccios Gem Camellia hybrid Scented Sun
Medium to large, coral pink, rose-form double flowers. Average, compact, upright growth habit. Flowers March to April. This spring flowering camellia plant has medium to large, formal double, pure white blooms. Mid season. Bushes are upright and vigorous Very large, white, semi-double flowers with an occasional pink stripe and a good apple-blossom fragrance. Vigorous, upright growth. Mid season flowering (March/April).
Camellia japonica Vittorio Emanuele II camellia japonica Elizabeth Hawkins camellia hybrid Superscent
Rose-pink, formal double flowers, with streaks of red on the petals, and white central petaloids. Open, upright growth. Mid season flowering (March/April). Small, bright red, anemone form flowers. Compact, upright growth. Flowers February to April.
Fairly large, lightly-scented, creamy-coloured, paeony-form flowers with a faint pink blush. Dark green leaves. Flowers March to April.